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The Story of Cool-Cat

How are the cool-catters today?

I am loving this amazing weather we are having! I am also getting ready for our anniversary ski trip. I am so excited and you can bet I will be bringing a ton of cool-cat’s with me.

I have gotten a ton of questions from facebook, twitter and via email about cool-cat. How did we start? When did we come up with this idea? Etc.

It wasn’t until I was having lunch with my dear friend, Lauren, that it finally clicked with me “we need to tell our story”. Lauren asked the best questions and had me thinking about things I hadn’t thought about in months like “so how did you decide to add snaps” “why did you pick the colors you picked?” “how did you find a manufacturer?”

Starting a business is just like any project you’re involved in you sometimes forget all the little steps you took along the way! And sometimes you need a fantastic friend to remind you of how far you’ve come. This idea, brain child is totally my hubs. I would love to take credit for it but I cannot.

He got frustrated one day when he was fishing because his neck kept getting sunburned but felt that the products currently on the market to cover your neck were either too long, too hot or just not functional.

It will make you laugh but we originally cut the sleeve off of a short sleeve t-shirt and Matt wore that fishing but as you can imagine it had its flaws. From there the idea of creating our own product took off! The first versions of cool-cat left a lot to be desired. We took a long time to perfect the product.

After we felt like we had it we ordered some cool-cats! That batch is still sitting in my basement because we realized that we need to offer more adjustability so we added snaps. But not before the hubs tried to add Velcro and we had a little discussion (argument) about how that wasn’t going to happen because it pulled my hair. I won on the snaps!

We then decided we needed to add a contour for when you we were wearing it over your nose and mouth. It added another piece to the product and increased its functionality.

We were finally ready to place our first big order and I got to pick the colors as the hubs is completely color blind! More colors will be coming your way. I’ve heard loud and clear from our customers we need to offer red, pink, black and camo.

So stay tuned those colors will be coming your way shortly. Getting that first batch in the mail was exciting and scary! All we could think is ok now we have the perfect product how do we get the word out?

So we started a facebook page, a twitter account and ran a small ad in women’s running. We waited and what we are seeing is the results of a year and a half of hard work. We are getting orders, lots of orders every day! It is the most humbling, exciting, satisfying feeling when we get an order placed. We high five each other and take great care with each order because it truly is a gift to us!

Now we are working on getting in retail shops and have been picked up by a company that deals in wholesale orders. Every day I wake up thinking about cool-cat and when I get to my computer I always think “it’s all happening” ! All the hard work, sleepless nights, discussions (fights)over money, lawyers, patents, trademarks, taxes, inventory, etc. have all been worth it.

One of my favorite quotes is “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it.” This to me sums up the entire creation of this company. No matter what happens next the hubs and I have already succeeded in my mind. We had a small idea, we believed in it, we went for it and people are responding to it, heck they’re buy it. There is no better feeling than that! Every day I feel like we are living our dream and I cannot wait to see what happens next!

Thanks for being on this journey with us. xo