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Camo Cool Cat Headband
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Orange Cool Cat Headband
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Blue Cool Cat Headband
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Yellow Cool Cat Headband
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Pink Cool Cat Headband
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Black Cool Cat Headband
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Cool-Cat Crossfit Running Headband

The Cool-Cat running headband is the fashionable medicine for every environment endured by crossfit athletes around the globe. Whether it's worn as an athletic headband or a fishing neck gaiter, it protects the skin from the hot sun in the summer or frozen winds in the winter. All running athletes and crossfit or outdoor enthusiasts should have at least one of these versatile products. A portion of the proceeds from Pink Cool Cats goes to Susan G. Komen. Product Features

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Money Back Guarantee

Cool-Cat Customer Reviews

  1. I use the Cool-Cat as a running headband when I run. It is the best for the following reasons (no kidding):

    The Cool-Cat stays in place when used as a running headband; whereas visors can get in the way or come loose. The Cool-Cat lets heat escape from the head as body temp rises, whereas hats can trap it. The Cool-Cat is easy to clean unlike a visor. The Cool-Cat can give you as much coverage as you want like a traditional hat and still let heat escape. The Cool-Cat can even be dipped in cool water prior to crossfit training or during a run if it is hot outside. The Cool-Cat can also be pulled over the ears if needed.  Sometimes this is useful if there are heavy winds.

    I wore one yesterday in Kansas City while running.  I plan on giving one to a colleague up here that is a marathon runner.

    Heath King
  2. Love the new site! Just purchased my first Cool-Cat athletic headband for crossfit workouts and my morning running routine. Will be rocking the blue one at the track.

    Matt L.
  3. I was searching for a running headband that didn’t slip off after a long run, but every time I bought one I was disappointed. All of the FIVE running headbands that I tried would either start to slip off of my head or not properly wick the sweat away. I also started doing crossfit, and again, looking for a proper crossfit headband seemed nearly impossible. A friend of mine told me about an article they saw on “MSN’s top gifts for runners” and mentioned a product called Cool Cat. I had never heard of them before, but figured I would give it a try since it was on a site like MSN, and that they offered a money back guarantee. I figured – what do I have to lose. I immediately noticed the snaps on the back of the headband and saw that I could adjust it to my preference. Once I had it in place (I watched the video on youtube about how to properly put it on) I went for a quick run. MAN! For the first time, I actually liked the running headband I was wearing. It stayed in place the entire run and kept sweat from dripping down my face. Okay – first try was a success… Next, I took it with me to see how it would hold up as a crossfit headband (if you’re not familiar, crossfit is an aggressive workout that could easily make a cheap headband slide all over the place, not to mention how it would hold up to all the intense sweating that happens in 20 minutes, lol). At the end of my crossfit workout I was pretty amazed at the way it held up. After about a week or two, some of my friends started noticing it and they’ve all purchased one too.

    As you can tell, I am a huge fan of this product. I only have 3 now, but with all of the new colors they’re offering, I am back to order a 5 pack

    Robert M.