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Cool-Cat Running Headbands are the Ideal Accessories for Runners

Running Headbands

Micro-fiber running headband, Sun Rated UPF-30, lightweight Cool-Cat will keep you warm in the winter and wick sweat away to keep you cool in the summer.

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Think about your ideal running accessory… that would wick sweat, protect you from the sun, keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter oh and it wouldn’t hurt if it looked great. Better yet imagine a balaclava, running headband, and sweatband all in one; that’s what the Cool-Cat running headbands offer to endurance athletes, runners and triathletes.

When runners are facing punishing sunrays, chilly sub-zero temperatures, or blistering winds, this must have accessory offers protection from all of the above. Made from 100% polyester micro-fiber, Cool-Cat running headbands are warm and wind-resistant, while also providing moisture and temperature control. Lightweight and breathable, it’s the perfect accessory for even the most outfitted runner. Cool-Cat looks great while running, comes in fashionable, bright colors and the best part it doesn’t slip.

During the winter months when runs can be grueling because of snow, sleet, cold temperatures and wind the versatile running headbands offer protection like no other product because of it’s facial contouring. This unique feature allows you to pull the Cool-Cat over your nose and mouth, as high as you like to protect you from the elements. The best part, wearing two cool-cats at a time can offer runners extra protection against the cold weather elements. While using it to protect your nose and mouth from the cold and wind another can also be worn around the head as a headband to keep heat from escaping and at the same time wicking moisture. The cool-cat is essential protection for runners on the move.

During the warmer months the running headbands are the perfect head and neck wrap to protect you from the sun and heat. Cool-Cat has a 30 UPF rating so it’s perfect protection for your ears and head from the sun’s harmful rays. At the same time it will help keep your hair, sunscreen and sweat out of your eyes and off your forehead so you can focus on the miles ahead.

This lightweight head wrap is a great companion on road runs year round. Wearing it as a wristband allows you to wipe sweat from your head, hands and arms without ever breaking your stride. Its moisture wicking properties, slim fit and fun colors make it functional and fun to wear. Unlike other headbands what makes the Cool-Cat unique is that it has multiple snaps, making it adjustable to fit any size neck, head or wrist. No one size fits all here. Users can adjust the cool-cat so it fits their head and neck perfectly. With this headband you can go for wide on your head or fold it so it is thin. The choice is yours! Either way you’ll have fewer stray hairs when you’re going for a run. The super soft cotton construction makes it super comfortable to wear.

The unique running headbands are also affordable, multi-functional and comfortable to wear. It’s not too tight like other headbands. The Cool-Cat is machine washable. Don’t worry no matter how many times you wash the cool-cat it won’t lose its form or shape.