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Cool-Cat: How It Works

The Cool-Cat is made from 100% polyester micro fiber and carries a UPF 30 rating. In the simplest terms it is a tube-like garment that can be worn around the head and neck in a variety of ways to wick sweat and protect you from the sun.

When wearing the Cool-Cat as a headband you will be amazed at its ability to wick sweat. It is perfect for keeping sweat out of your eyes while also keeping the sun off your forehead (see the above videos for instructions on ways to fold the Cool-Cat for men and women). During cold weather months pull the Cool-Cat over your ears to keep them warm or simply to keep you earphones in place.

From the headband, it's easy to convert into a full head cover (do-rag) by simply pulling over the back of the head. This will give you full head coverage and protection from, the elements, including the sun and wind. Using in this manor will also allow those with long hair keep it from flying around in the wind.

As a neck gaiter the Cool-Cat can protect your neck and face from the saltwater, wind and sun. The Cool-Cat's patented design includes a nose contour so when worn over your face you will receive the maximum coverage possible. Another unique product feature the Cool-Cat boasts are the snaps placed in the back so that you can tighten the Cool-Cat. Whether it's around your neck or pulled up over your face the Cool-Cat is 100% adjustable ensuring it will stay in place no matter what activity you are performing.

There are several other ways to wear the Cool-Cat including: wrapping it around the wrist for a sweatband or using it as a scrunchie to hold your hair back.

The Cool-Cat is lightweight, breathable and transitions from season to season. During the spring and summer months, the Cool-Cat wards off extreme heat and damaging UV rays, while also wicking all that sweat to keep off your face and out of your eyes. In the winter it is your go to companion for frigid temperatures and brutal winds. Wearing over your ears and/or neck is a must on those early morning jogs or mid-Winter rounds of golf.

When outdoors all athletes work to take special care of their bodies to prevent damage and injury. Often times forgetting to protect themselves from the sun's harmful rays. Sun damage has proven to be very dangerous and can even lead to serious health problems. We all need an extra layer of protection to combat the sun and Cool-Cat is that layer.

The Cool-Cat is extremely versatile and is truly the must have workout accessory for runners, cross-fitters, bikers, hikers, tri-athletes, tennis players, golfers, soccer players (and the list goes on). So next time you are about to hit the great outdoors be sure to take your Cool-Cat with you! No matter the time of year or what you will be doing, Cool-Cat is the must have head and neck wrap for serious athletes.

Cool-Cat Headband

Around the Head as a "Headband"

Wicks the sweat away and keeps sweat out of eyes.

Cool-Cat Head Cover

Pulled over the Head "Head Cover"

Wicks the sweat away from the head and protects the scalp from the sun -keeps hair out of face.

Cool-Cat Particulate Filter

Over the Nose and Mouth as a "Particulate Filter"

Works as a filter in high particle environments can be used as a cardio training aide.

Cool-Cat Neckie

Around the Neck as a "Neckie"

To cool the neck in the heat and to warm the neck in the cold.

Cool-Cat Wrist Band

Around the Wrist as a "Wrist Band"

Used as a sweat band for the face and body.

Cool-Cat Scrunchie

Around the hair as a "Scrunchie"

To hold hair back and out of face.