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Gear Junkies

Hey Cool-Catters! How are you guys today?

If you are like us you are constantly trying out gear and vetoing what you hate and buying more of what you love. I hate buying something only to discover later that it isn’t as great as I thought it was. As a runner/cross-fit enthusiast I’m also looking for things that are fashionable and functional. I love being able to run errands in workout clothes and still look cute and I mean who doesn’t?!

So what are you loving right now? We would love to hear from you about what you are digging. For me my favorite piece of gear right now is the pink cool-cat.


I have been living in my pink cool-cat! I begged for them because I knew they would be my must have favorite. I’m a pink girl and I truly wear my pink cool-cat everywhere. What are you wearing everywhere right now? What workout item is your must have?

Along with my pink cool-cat I have been scoping out tons of other great running gear for ladies. As we are gearing up for the warmer months here are a few of our favorite things for all you gear junkies! xo

1. Under Armour Tanks

With spring (and really summer in the South) already upon us we have been busy at Cool Cat Pro switching out our workout gear from winter to spring. I spotted these amazing under armour tanks and have been living in them ever since. I love that they are so soft, a bit longer than your average tank and come in such fun colors! Give them a try and tell us what you think.


2. Lulu Lemon Beach Runner Crop

I’m always looking for fabulous running crops/capris…you get the idea! I died when I found this super cute, super bright amazing crops at Lulu Lemon. I of course got them in hot pink but truly they are fabulous in every color :)


3. Balega Socks

If you haven’t heard of them you have to go check them out!!! They are such a fun company and have the absolute cutest socks. The best part you get to find the perfect sock for you! You pick your length, color and family and then are given a wide variety of adorable socks to choose from. Best part I absolutely love how fashionable and functional they are at the same time :) Check them out and you won’t be sorry!