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How Cool-Cat Makes an Ideal Fishing Neck Gaiter

Fishing Neck Wrap

Protect your neck and face from the sun (UPF-30) and wind with a Cool-Cat. This wrap has snaps so it will stay put when you’re busy reeling one in.

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Wind won’t stand a chance against the Cool-Cat fishing neck gaiter. This soft, multi-functional neck wrap will keep the wind and sun at bay while you reel in your big catch. The Cool-Cat is adjustable, with facial contouring,so pull it up as high as you like to protect you from the elements. The Cool-Cat shape is designed for excellent coverage and protection from the sun, wind and water. It is versatile, lightweight and multifunctional. Get streamlined, comfortable coverage that boasts a 30 UPF rating. Not only does the fishing neck gaiter wick moisture it is quick drying and breathable.

Since every Cool-Cat has snaps, it is adjustable to fit every neck, head or wrist. The Cool- Cat fishing neck gaiter is invaluable for fisherman of all abilities & interests. So next time you hit the river, lake, ocean or creek, add the Cool-Cat to your supplies. It’s affordable, lightweight and best of all multi-functional. It can be worn as a balaclava, headband, wristband or sweatband. It will keep sweat and sunscreen out of your eyes and off your neck so you can focus on the water.

Serious off shore fishing demands serious gear. The reliable neck wrap is all about comfort and all day functionality. The facial contouring is strategically placed where you need it most: at the cheeks where your sunglasses hit, at back neck, and in front of the mouth to disperse heat and moisture from your breath. The Cool-Cat not only provides UPF 30 protection but also provides light, comfortable sun protection for head, face and neck. It will also wick moisture and keep sweat out of your eyes allowing you to focus on your rod and reel.

The Cool-Cat will change the way you think about protecting yourself when fishing. You won’t have to worry now when you forget your sunscreen or lip protection. No more having to slather on sunscreen or worrying about re-applying throughout the day. The Cool-Cat offers superior protection that doesn’t run out. The best feature of the Cool-Cat is that it can be worn in a variety of ways, one of which can protect your head, neck, ears, nose, lips, cheeks, all at the same time. What makes the Cool-Cat unique is that it has multiple snaps, making it adjustable to fit any size neck, head or wrist.

For those cold weather days on the water, the Cool-Cat fishing neck gaiter offers superior protection from the wind and chilly temperatures. Wearing two cool-cats at a time can offer fisherman extra protection against the cold weather elements and the sun. While using it to protect your nose and mouth from the cold and wind another can also be worn around the head as a headband to keep heat from escaping and at the same time offering protection from the sun. The cool-cat is essential protection for fishermen year round.

The Cool-Cat fishing neck gaiter comes in bright solid colors come with contrast stitching. It is machine washable and won’t lose its durability or form no matter how many times you throw it in the spin cycle.