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Cool-Cat Crossfit Headbands to Complement Your Workout Routine

Crossfit Headbands

Sweat wicking headband that will stay in place no matter what the workout of the day. Spend your time maxing your reps, not wiping your face.

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When you are done stretching and warming up its time for the workout of the day (WOD). The last thing you want to be worried about is keeping sweat and hair out of your face and eyes. You want to be focused on the WOD and beating your personal record. Cool-Cat crossfit headbands can help you do that. It is the must have accessory for cross-fitters everywhere.

It wicks sweat, cools you down and keeps sweat and hair out of your face so you can focus on the WOD. During the WOD there’s no time to grab a towel and wipe the sweat from your head and hands. The cool-cat can be worn as a headband to keep the sweat out of your eyes or on your wrist so you can wipe sweat as you go. Whether you are performing handstand presses, push-ups, wall walks, double unders, power cleans, toes to bar or rope climbs the cool-cat is the perfect head wrap to keep you cool and focused. It makes a great sweat barrier for those killer kettle bell workouts.

Cool-Cat’s breathable fabric helps keep sweat and moisture out of cross-fitters eyes no matter what the WOD brings. The crossfit headband is moisture wicking, comfortable and won’t slip out of place even during the most strenuous of cross-fit workouts. The Cool-Cat can be used as a sweatband around either the wrists or the forehead.

When crossfit calls for a 400 meter, 800 meter or mile run outdoors the Cool-Cat is the perfect accessory to protect from the wind, sun or rain. The best part is it won’t slip out of place so you can focus all your attention on achieving your personal record and not on sweat. The Cool-Cat’s goal is to keep cross-fitters cool and dry no matter what the conditions.

What makes the Cool-Cat crossfit headband unique is that it has multiple snaps, making it adjustable to fit any size neck, head or wrist. It’s also affordable, multi-functional and boasts a 30 UPF rating. The headbands from Cool-Cat are made from 100% polyester micro-fiber and only weighs an ounce so it is lightweight and soft. It won’t irritate the skin or make you itch as you make your way through your workout. It also provides stretch so it is comfortable to wear and not too tight like other headbands can be. And just becomes it’s functional doesn’t it mean it can’t be fun! The Cool-Cat comes in an array of bright colors so no matter your workout gear you will find a Cool-Cat to match your fitness wardrobe and your personality. No matter how many times you wash your cool-cat it won’t lose it’s form, shape or durability.

Not only does the Cool-Cat wick moisture it is quick drying and breathable. Making it the must have accessory for crossfitters. When the WOD is over and it’s time to stretch your Cool-Cat will still be in place. Having done its job of keeping sweat and hair out of your face and eyes it will be ready to hit the showers and so will you.