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Cool-Cat Motorcycle Face Mask

Motorcycle Neck Wrap

Stay cool, dry, and comfortable while biking on the open road with your Cool-Cat moisture-wicking headband.

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Who doesn’t love the feeling of the wind at their back and the open road ahead of them? Just be sure next time you hop on your motorcycle to grab your Cool-Cat motorcycle face mask. It is the perfect accessory for under your helmet to keep you head cool and dry. The Cool-Cat face mask is known for wicking sweat and providing superior protection. For all the ladies out there it will help keep your hair dry and in place so when you take that motorcycle helmet off you are ready to go! Gone are the days of handkerchiefs, scarves and ill fitting head wraps that won’t stay in place or keep you dry. From now on the Cool-Cat is the must have accessory for you and your motorcycle rides.

The Cool-Cat motorcycle face mask does an amazing job of protecting bikers from the heat and sun by providing UPF 30 protection. And if you are fighting harsh elements like snow, wind and sleet the Cool-Cat provides protection and warmth from the cold.

Have you found other head or neck wraps to be too big or too small? That’s not a problem with the Cool-Cat it is adjustable allowing you to create the perfect fit. Are you craving more protection on your rides? Needing more from the head wraps you wear now? Wearing two Cool-Cats creates a baklava the perfect coverage for long, serious rides.

The Cool-Cat is incredibly versatile and can be worn as a head wrap, neck wrap, face guard, wristband or baklava to provide protection from the elements. It’s great that there is one product that has so many uses and won’t take up a lot of room. Heat, sun, snow, wind, bugs, rain and speed are no match for the Cool-Cat! It provides a facial contour to cover your nose and ears and is quick drying and won’t lose its shape when it gets wet.

The Cool-Cat is machine washable, won’t shrink or stretch. No matter how many times you use it, it keeps it shape and color. Cool-Cats come in an array of fashionable and functional colors. Logos or monograms can easily be added to any Cool-Cat at the time of purchase.

Every rider waits for the weekend or that time after work when they can leave the world behind and head out on their bike to travel to bike week, HOAG, or just out for a short ride. There’s no better way to travel than on your cycle. No work, no distractions, no problems! The last thing you want is to not have the perfect gear. Adding the Cool-Cat motorcycle face mask will make your rides that much more enjoyable because you will have the perfect head and neck wrap.

Many long time riders have tried the Cool-Cat and now won’t leave home without it! It truly does the job of keeping you cool and dry so you can focus on the open road.