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Explore the Multiple Purposes of Cool-Cat Athletic Headbands

Athletic Headbands

The Cool-Cat headband is perfect for any sport. The micro-fiber will wick sweat and dry quickly. Comfort is key to performance and nothing beats Cool-Cat

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The Cool-Cat is an athletic headband, wristband, balaclava, neck protector, head cover and face guard and best of all it’s available in one great product. It’s not easy to find fitness products that are fashionable, versatile and functional in all four seasons. The Cool-Cat is the perfect fitness accessory for bike riders, cross-fitters, runners, snowshoers, walkers, kayakers, skiers, triathletes, rock climbers and all outdoor enthusiasts. When exercising outdoors an athletes challenges can range from sweat and sunburn to cold and foul air. Sweat can get in your eyes, ears and on your hands distracting you from the task at hand. The Cool-Cat can be used as a sweatband around either the wrists or the forehead. It makes a great sweat barrier for those mid-summer runs or bike rides.

Cool-Cat athletic headbands also make great face protectors on those cold winter workouts. They provide warmth for both the neck and the lower face without being too bulky so that it hinders breathing. They are the perfect accessories for the skier and snowboarder that have everything. The Cool-Cat offers protections from even the harshest elements. Wind, sun and snow are no match for this all in one head and neck wrap.

In fact, the revolutionary athletic headbands also provide warmth on cool autumn & spring bike rides. As most bicyclists know, it’s tough to fit hats or ear muffs underneath a bike helmet. But the Cool- Cat is thin enough to cover your ears and still fit a helmet over the top.

Another amazing use for the Cool Cat is as a sun barrier for the neck. It seems like no matter how much sunscreen people apply, their necks always end up burned. The Cool Cat provides a great barrier between the sun and sensitive necks. It even boasts a UPF 30 rating!

Since the Cool Cat has multiple snaps, it is adjustable to fit any size neck, head or wrist. So the Cool Cat is invaluable for athletes of all shapes, sizes, abilities & interests. So next time you ride a bike trail, go for a jog or walk, or hit the river with your kayak, or navigate a snowshoe trail, add the Cool Cat to your workout gear. It’s inexpensive, lightweight and extremely versatile.

Cool-Cat is the answer to the active fashionista’s weather dilemma. Made from 100% polyester microfiber, the Cool-Cat is essentially a soft wrap that can be worn all kinds of ways to keep you warm, keep you cool, and keep that annoying little wisp of hair that escaped from your ponytail from tickling your neck while you run. The Cool-Cat wicks away sweat, weighs only 1 ounce (!), and comes in adorable, bright colors. The Cool-Cat’s slim, simple fit and moisture wicking properties make it great as an additional layer under helmets (bike and ski) and hoods. Cool-Cat is a lightweight athletic headband with stretch that offers crucial UPF 30 protection. The Cool-Cat is one size, and fits beautifully.

And there are plenty more ways to wear the adjustable athletic headbands:

  • as a headcover
  • as a wristband
over your mouth and nose
  • (on ‘bad air’ days)
like a scarf
  • asa headband
  • as a scrunchie