Headbands for Serious Athletes

This multi-functional head and neck wrap will protect you from sun, wind and sweat. Every athlete and outdoor enthusiast should have at least one. Give it a try and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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Camo Cool Cat
Moisture Resistant Headbands

Moisture Resistant

Moisture Resistant Headbands

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Moisture Resistant Headbands


Moisture Resistant Headbands
Moisture Resistant Headbands
Moisture Resistant Headbands

Explore the Multiple Purposes of the Cool Cat Athletic Headband

Cool-cat is the must have fitness accessory to wick sweat, regulate temperature and it provides protection from the sun while you are working out. This headband is fashionable, versatile and functional in all four seasons. The Cool-Cat is a headband, wristband, balaclava, neck protector, head cover and face guard and best of all it's available in one great product. The Cool-Cat is the perfect fitness accessory for bike riders, cross-fitters, runners, fishermen, walkers, skiers, triathletes, rock climbers and yoga enthusiasts.

When exercising outdoors challenges can range from punishing sunrays, chilly sub-zero temperatures, or blistering winds, this must have accessory offers protection from all of the above. Sweat and sunscreen can get in your eyes, ears and on your hands distracting you from the task at hand. The Cool-Cat makes a great sweat barrier for athletes year round to wick moisture, keep sunscreen out of your eyes and keep your hair in place.

Since the Cool Cat has multiple snaps, it is adjustable to fit any size neck, head or wrist. So the Cool Cat is invaluable for athletes of all shapes, sizes, abilities & interests. So next time you ride a bike trail, go for a jog or walk, or hit the river with your kayak, or navigate a snowshoe trail, add the Cool Cat to your workout gear. It's inexpensive, lightweight and extremely versatile.

Cool-Cat is the answer to the active athlete's weather dilemma. Cool-Cats are warm and wind-resistant, while also wicking moisture and providing temperature control. The Cool-Cat is all about comfort and all day functionality. Made from 100% polyester microfiber, the Cool-Cat is adjustable, with facial contouring so pull it up as high as you like to protect you from the elements. No one size fits all here! The cool-cat is adjustable with great stretch fabric so it won't be too tight like other headbands. You can adjust it to fit your head, neck or wrist and the best part it fits beautifully. The Cool-Cat shape is designed for excellent coverage and protection from the sun, wind and water. It wicks away sweat, weighs only 1 ounce, and comes in bright colors with contrast stitching. The Cool-Cat's slim, simple fit and moisture wicking properties make it great as an additional layer under helmets (bike and ski) and hoods. It's a one of a kind lightweight headband with stretch that offers crucial UPF 30 protection. It is machine washable and won't lose its form or durability no matter how many times you throw it in the spin cycle.

And there are plenty of ways to wear the adjustable Cool-Cat: